Friday, 10 March 2017 11:55

Sprayer the first of its kind

Written by  Mark Daniel
Dorie farmer John Evans takes possession of his new iXdrive, 4180 self-propelled sprayer from Erik Hogervorst of Kverneland. Dorie farmer John Evans takes possession of his new iXdrive, 4180 self-propelled sprayer from Erik Hogervorst of Kverneland.

A first for the Power Farming Group sees the delivery of the new Kverneland iXdrive 4180 self-propelled sprayer to John and Kai Evans farm at Dorie, mid Canterbury.

The 4180 offers a 4000L spray tank capacity, 520L of clean water and 27m wide aluminium booms using a unique ‘glued up’ manufacture said to be 40% lighter than conventional construction methods.

Power comes from a 165hp, 4-cylinder JCB Dieselmax engine which drives twin Sauer hydraulic pumps, to power the four Poclain wheel motors and then a dedicated traction/drive pump, which negates the need for mechanical differentials.

Offering 50:50 weight distribution in all conditions, irrespective of tank levels or boom position, a hydro-pneumatic suspension system on both axles gives operator ride comfort and boom stability. A separate 3-D rear axle layout allows movement, but limits track influence on the sprayer boom.

The 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering options take care of manoeuvrability, and track width can be hydraulically adjusted on the move between 1800 and 2250mm. Ground clearance of 1300mm is provided by the operator-specified 12.4 x 52 inch tyres.

The operator cab, supplied by harvester manufacturer Claas, has an air-suspended operator’s seat, air conditioning and filtration system control via a Kverneland Iso-Match Tellus control system.

Automated steering is provided by the customer-specified Trimble RTK system which will integrate with other vehicles in the operation.

On the nearside of the machine, the EasySet control panel, located between the front and rear wheels, is a one-spot location for control of all valve assemblies, pumps, filters and the 42L chemical induction system.

The machine also has the iXclean, automated self-cleaning function which uses 300L of clean water over three rinse and wash cycles to ensure thorough cleaning after use or chemical changes.


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