Thursday, 04 May 2017 11:55

Hey presto, cultivation at speed

Written by  Mark Daniel
The new Maschio Presto disc harrow is ideal for uniform paddock work up to 10cm deep at speeds up to 15km/h. The new Maschio Presto disc harrow is ideal for uniform paddock work up to 10cm deep at speeds up to 15km/h.

Farmers or landowners looking to establish seedbeds quickly might want to take a closer look at the new Maschio Presto disc harrow distributed by Power Farming.

The company claims it’s the ideal tool for uniform work up to 10cm deep at speeds up to 15km/h.

Three-point linkage or semi-mounted, and available in 3 or 4m working widths for the former or 4, 5 or 6m for the latter, Presto is said to be suitable for producing seedbeds from sprayed-out areas, cereal stubbles or pastures after winter crops.

Layout sees a robust frame carrying two gangs of discs, mounted in opposing directions, with a 620mm clearance between each gang helping to prevent clogging or soil build-up.

Disc assemblies are individually mounted to the frame by a silent-bloc system made up of four rubber dampers, which act as a shock absorber and are said to be maintenance-free.

Each disc is mounted to its axle with sealed-for-life SKF bearings with integral oil baths. A choice of discs see the standard fitment of 510mm, 9 scallops and a mounting angle of 18 degrees to the soil and 11 degrees from vertical.

Alternatively, smaller 410mm diameter units can be specified for shallower cultivation.

At the rear of the machine rubber press rollers leave a uniform finish, with product specialist John Chapman claiming them suitable for stony country or heavier soils because of their ability to cope with impact from stones, and inherent flexing to self-clean. Optional cage or packer roller systems are available for specific tasks.

The versatility of the machine is further enhanced by the folding frame design, which in the case of the 6m version is carried out hydraulically, to a transport width of just 3m. Incorporated in the layout, a central hinge allows equal down pressure to be placed on the wings in flat going, while also allowing contouring and consistent depth control in rolling countryside.

For heavily compacted or pugged areas an optional ballast pack made up of three 125kg modules can be specified to increase penetration.

Power requirement is 150-240hp.


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