Wednesday, 19 July 2017 09:24

Nasty lot

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Your old mate reckons multinational, tax-dodging political activist lobby group Greenpeace is proving just how nasty it can get when people disagree with its worldview.

This follows Wairoa farmer James Jarden filming himself drinking water from a stream on his farm in a bid to prove water quality issues aren’t confined to farming and asking other farmers to do likewise. But Greenpeace ‘anti’-agriculture campaigner Genevieve Toop claimed it was risky for these people, and encouraging others to do it is also risky and farmers should take a more “scientific” approach to the water quality issue. Ironic considering Toop and Greenpeace – when it suits their purposes – are only too happy to quote unscientific claims such as dairy cows cause cancer or that the campylobacter outbreak in Hawkes Bay was caused by dairying.


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