Wednesday, 06 September 2017 17:08

All hui, no doey

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A mate of the Hound wonders why the self-proclaimed rural and regional champion and old-age-pension double-dipper Winston Peters has been so quiet about the anti-farming noises made by his possible coalition partner Labour.

He reckons Peters could shut down the huge concern in rural NZ about the proposed water tax by promising to rule it out in any coalition deal with Labour. Meanwhile, your old mate also reckons the so-called ‘kingmaker’ after September 23 could also rule out moves by Labour to include animal emissions in the ETS. However, so far, the silence from the member for North Korea – sorry, Northland – on both these issues has been deafening. The Hound reckons while Peters likes to talk the talk about backing the rural sector, he is not currently walking the walk.


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