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Marathon effort keeping dogs well fed

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A working dog can run as much as a half-marathon on any given day. A working dog can run as much as a half-marathon on any given day.

Bad nutrition in working dogs could be jeopardising farmers’ profits, says the head of a New Zealand company that recently launched a new food for working dogs.

Dr Sean Duggan, chief executive of Masterpet, says New NZ’s working dogs can run as much as a half-marathon on any given day and add huge value to a farm.

“The other side to this is that bad nutrition can leave a working dog unable to perform to its potential and can mean loss of productivity, increased costs and reduced profits,” he says.

“We estimate one in four dogs on NZ farms is under-performing due to bad nutrition. With so much depending on working dogs, NZ farmers can’t afford for their dogs to be unpredictable.”

Duggan’s comments come at the launch of Black Hawk’s new product, formulated for NZ working dogs.

He says the endurance formula behind Black Hawk Working Dog is high in quality protein (32%), with lamb and beef as the main ingredients and quality fats (22%), designed to promote strong lean muscles and ensure a sustainable release of energy throughout the dog’s working day.

Lamb and beef are rich in zinc and vitamin B12, promoting cardiovascular health and a boosted metabolism. The balanced carbohydrate profile helps provide energy for short, sharp, responsive bursts.

“With Black Hawk, we are challenging all owners to feed real ingredients,” says Duggan. “This is particularly necessary for farm dogs, where livelihood and profits can often come down to the reliability of the dog.”

He emphasises that the product is made of real meat, fruit and vegetables but no fillers, artificial colours or flavourings. “It’s a high quality, nutritionally complete, balanced meal to fuel working dogs all day.”

Duggan says working dogs have different requirements from companion dogs because they’re much more active for a lot longer during the day.

The Black Hawk Working Dog formula also contains emu oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and healthy doses of omega 3, 6 and 9. This and supplemented glucosamine and chondroitin supports cartilage in regenerating and repairing itself.

Grant McMaster, manager of Closeburn Station, has been feeding a Huntaway and heading dog Black Hawk Working Dog for six weeks.

“I expect a lot of my dogs, so it’s great to have a product tailored to their needs. I know they’re in great shape as they are full of energy all day, their coats are shiny and they’re looking fit,” he says.

“They must enjoy it too, as even the fussy one can’t get enough of it. I like what it’s doing so far.”

The food is now available in rural vet clinics.


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