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Unbreakable bottles

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Animal health company Ceva Animal Health is introducing two anti-infectives to New Zealand, packaged in unbreakable bottles.

The company says its long acting amoxicillin for cattle and pigs, Vetrimoxin LA, has a uniquely balanced pharmacological behaviour (hydrophilic and hydrophobic) for improved absorption.

“It is rapidly absorbed with a high plasma peak and long action up to 48 hours,” the company says.

“It is easier to resuspend and inject, and its formulation can be used in a range of temperatures without blocking needles, even tested down to -20 degrees C.”

Tenaline LA is the second product, containing the more commonly used active oxytetracycline. This is said to have perfect tolerance on injection, to reduce site issues and it has fast absorption.

Tenaline LA is packaged in its patented CLAS non-glass bottle -- shockproof and easy to handle.

“It is much thinner [than glass], making it much easier to syringe; the less force you have to apply the less chance of damage at the injection site.”

Ceva Animal Health says many farmers have requested a move away from glass bottles. “Breakages can result in broken glass to clean up, lost money and often an unplanned trip to the vet.”

CLAS bottles are made of a polymer blend with qualities very similar to glass but with the benefit of plastic.


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