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Staying safe in rural areas this Guy Fawkes

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Many measures can be taken to keep people and animals safe this Guy Fawkes. Many measures can be taken to keep people and animals safe this Guy Fawkes.

Safety messages are ramping up with Guy Fawkes weekend quickly approaching.

Fireworks went on sales yesterday, with many outlets already running sales and discount deals on the explosive goods.

Farmers can take steps to care for their farm animals. Unlike domestic animals, farm animals do not have the luxury of being able to hide indoors. Cows, sheep, horses and other farm animals can injure themselves by stampeding or becoming stuck in fences during fireworks.

Federated Farmers and SPCA advise those letting off fireworks to let rural neighbours know and to move animals away from houses and urban areas if practical. Fences should also be secured.

The Environmental Protection Authority has reminded people to take special care when using and storing fireworks:

• Before you light any firework, read the instructions on the back of its packaging using a torch (not a naked flame).

• Light your fireworks in a wide-open area. Keep away from anything that could catch fire, including unlit fireworks.

• Always have an adult light the fireworks, not a child.

• Keep a bucket of water or a hose handy.

• Leave dud fireworks alone. Trying to relight them is dangerous.

• Stay sober while lighting fireworks. Fireworks and alcohol or drugs are a dangerous combination.

• Keep all unlit fireworks in their box or bag until you are ready to light them.

• If you or someone else is burned while using fireworks, be sure to treat the burn under cold water for up to 20 minutes. If the burn is serious, call an ambulance.

• You should avoid storing fireworks in your home. They are explosives, so need to be stored very carefully. It is also hard to predict if stored fireworks will still be safe to use later. If you do need to store fireworks, keep them locked away from children. Wrap them in plastic if possible and keep them somewhere very dry, far away from any flames or heat sources.

Rural News Groups wishes everyone a safe and joyous Guy Fawkes weekend.


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