Wednesday, 08 November 2017 10:08

Tickled Pink

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The Hound's editor was contacted by a Hawkes Bay sheep farmer about an item in the Oct 24 column on American singer Pink’s illogical and ignorant anti-wool stance.

While he didn’t entirely disagree with the sentiment expressed in said column but suggested an even better idea. Our Hawkes Bay visitor reckoned a more constructive initiative would be for Merino NZ, Fed Farmers or some other wool related body to contact Pink’s management and show her how sheep are raised in NZ, a demonstration of shearing and then present her with some nice wool-based attire. He reckons this would show her how well sheep are treated in NZ, why they are shorn as well as the environmentally friendly and fashionable apparel made from wool. A brilliant idea, but will the NZ wool industry take up the challenge.


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