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Effluent tankers with an eye to the future

Written by  Mark Daniel
David Donnelly of Origin Agroup with a Joskin slurry tanker at the recent Effluent Expo. David Donnelly of Origin Agroup with a Joskin slurry tanker at the recent Effluent Expo.

Founded by Victor Joskin in 1968, the Belgian family-owned Joskin company is now reckoned the world’s largest maker of slurry and manure equipment, selling to 60 countries.

New Zealand distributor Origin Agroup says shouts of ‘eureka’ resound from loyal owners of these distinctive galvanised units as they perceive the true value of effluent and the tankers’ standard features.

They come in single- (5000, 7000, 8500, 10,000 and 11,000L), tandem- and tri-axle versions. The tandem-axle units come in a range 12,000 - 30,000L and the tri-axle holds 32,000L.

Origin’s David Donnelly suggests as a guide to power needs that 1hp is required for every 100L, so the 10,000L unit should suit a 100hp steed.

Whatever the capacity, many standard features should ensure a long working life and minimal maintenance.

Tanks are made from high tensile steel and are lifetime guaranteed against implosion; inside/outside galvanising protects against the hostile effluent environment.

Tanks are supported by over dimensioned cradles; a heavy duty drawbar assembly is pivoted at the rear, suspended at the front and is easily adjusted to suit a wide range of tractors.

At the rear of the tank unit an integral rear buttress allows retro-fitment of spreader bars or injection assemblies to deal with changes in conditions or regulatory requirements. For this situation, the in-built ability to relocate axles allows repositioning to create weight transfer to the tractor as draught demands increase.

Also with an eye to the future, all tanks are fitted with a removable end plate at the front, to allow the fitment of automated filling systems.

With high annual production, Joskin rounds up on component suppliers -- typically the vacuum pump manufacturers -- to get a specification that includes better seals, higher-spec bearings and, most important, high-quality, wear-resistant pump vanes.

Attention to detail in the standard equipment extends to a unique muffler system -- Eco Pump -- that also traps exhaust oil during the vacuum phase and ensures clean air when pressurising the vessel; both tasks are aimed at extending the service life.

Likewise, the Joskin valve acts as an airlock, which evens out the air pressure during the pressure phase. This balances out pump pulses, ensuring that spreading width is constant and even at all times. An extensive option list includes oversize tyre and wheel equipment.


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