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Bale collection all wrapped up

Written by  Mark Daniel
Anderson’s wrapped bale trailer. Anderson’s wrapped bale trailer.

Anderson Group, in Quebec, Canada, has launched a trailer that collects wrapped silage bales on the move, with no risk of damaging the plastic film.

The single-operator RBM 2000 is said to clear paddocks quickly, saving manpower and fuel and with less risk of ground compaction than is likely during normal loader trailer operations.

It can hold 20 bales: two seven-bale rows on the base and a single six-bale row on top; typical loading time is 20 seconds/bale.

The key to the design is an innovative lifting arm with a bale detector that starts the lifting sequence as the bale is touched. As the bale is approached the arm slides forward; as contact is made it slides rearwards as the tractor continues to move forwards, the arm remaining pretty-much stationary in relation to the bale and ground.

The bale-picking claw normally runs in the horizontal plane, but can be manipulated to a vertical position by the operator using Danfoss controls and a touchscreen, allowing collection of bales that have fallen onto their sides.

Bales are loaded onto the trailer on their sides and moved rearwards by a sliding headboard. For unloading, the trailer is tipped hydraulically and the bales are pushed off by the headboard.

Dimensions are 11.75m long x 2.55m wide x 3.72m high, and the unit weighs about 5.5 tonnes. All-up fully laden weight is 21.8 tonnes, carried on a tandem axle with oversize flotation tyres to minimise ground compaction.


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