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Friday, 25 March 2022 08:55

Reliability is the key

Written by  Staff Reporters
Numedic says its horizontal self-priming shore mounted pumps have proven to be a popular choice. Numedic says its horizontal self-priming shore mounted pumps have proven to be a popular choice.

As the pandemic causes disruptions to supply chains and workforces, reliability of farm equipment to keep operations running as smoothly as possible has become crucial.

Effluent equipment supplier Numedic says reliability is one feature its products are known for, both around New Zealand and overseas.

The company says it continues to add options to its range of effluent pumps to reflect changing conditions and evolving markets, desiging gear for long term trouble-free service.

The new Numedic HS and HT series of horizontal self-priming shore mounted pumps have proven to be a popular choice, says the company, due to their ability to pump raw as well as processed effluent.

"These pumps can pump solids up to 35mm in diameter and have a suction lift of up to 8m, making these a core part of a reliable shore mounted effluent system."

The company has also introduced the new HP series of progressive cavity pumps. It says these pumps are particularly useful when higher flow and pressure is needed, or power supply is limited.

"This is particularly important when you have longer main lines, challenging terrains or if pumping to an irrigator requiring more pressure," it says.

Numedic NG horizontal pumps are designed for above the ground tanks, and have the features of vertical NG2 pumps.

All NG2 pumps have auto greasers as a standard feature, making sure that the bearings are well looked after and saving valuable servicing time.

With the NG2 vertical floating semi-submersed pumps being a popular choice, Numedic says it has made several changes, improving reliability and ease of servicing. Featuring a large diameter high tensile shaft, industrial grade bearings and precisely machined parts, these pumps minimise the vibration load on bearings.

This makes servicing both less costly and less frequent, it says. "A special impeller design also sees these pumps producing over 25% better performance.

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