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Friday, 18 June 2021 09:55

Environment Canterbury adopts long-term plan 2021-31

Written by  Staff Reporters
Environment Canterbury have adopted their long-term plan 2021-31. Environment Canterbury have adopted their long-term plan 2021-31.

Environment Canterbury has announced that it will adopt its Long-Term Plan 2021-31.

The plan sets the course for the Council’s work in the region – the essential priorities, statutory obligations, and transformational opportunities.

“The human impact on the environment is at the forefront of local and global thinking – it is the issue of the age,” says Environment Canterbury chair Jenny Hughey.

She says the Long-Term Plan acknowledges work needs to be don in the region and there will be big challenges down the line.

“But it also gives us the opportunity to be transformational – something the community has been asking of us.”

Hughey says the plan is a commitment to the Canterbury community to improve environmental outcomes across the region.

“From improving water quality and enhancing biodiversity, to managing natural hazards and climate change adaptation, the Long-Term Plan is our vision for stopping the decline in our environment and actively improving things for future generations.”

Hughey says the plan was developed in partnership with Ngāi Tahu, and with guidance from submissions made by people across the region during the consultation period.

Key initiatives include the implementation of the Government’s Essential Freshwater Package, accelerating the protection and regeneration of the natural environment including community-based initiatives designed to enable landowners and groups to protect and regenerate ecological catchments.

The Plan will see Environment Canterbury develop a climate change action plan, continue to design, build and maintain flood protection, land drainage and erosion control infrastructure.

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