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Friday, 08 October 2021 11:55

Keeping everyone safe

Written by  Mark Daniel
The Agribumper's large fold-out lid can also be used as a workbench, or even as a picnic table. The Agribumper's large fold-out lid can also be used as a workbench, or even as a picnic table.

As tractors get larger and front linkage kits become more common, many have started fitting underrun or collision protection systems.

In Europe, it is expected that these bumper systems will become mandatory in the not-toodistant future.

With a wide range of systems available, most are hung on the tractor’s front linkage in the form of concrete or steel structures. However, because of the distance they are ahead of the tractor and their integral strength, these contribute little to underun protection.

Agribumper is a patented system that differs from most others because it still allows the use the front linkage – regardless of the weight up to 2 tons. It achieves this by taking up a mounting position behind and under the lower links of the front lift system, offering a variety of base and wing weights.

The Dutch company behind the product has also recently introduced its new frontweight/ storage box combination – dubbed the TB ‘Toolbox-Line’ – to meet user demand for more storage space.

It offers a lockable storage chest with 145 litres capacity, with the system able adjustable between 2.2 and 2.6 metres. It is also equipped with LED daytime running lights, indicators and extremity markers. A large foldout lid can be used as a workbench, or even as a picnic table if the sun is shining.

The system is offered in FH and BL versions; the former has a basic weight of 400kg. It can be increased with 200kg of toolbox weights to 600kg, or 300kg of bottom weights to 700kg. The BL600 base weight is 600kg, that can be fitted with interchangeable weight blocks and side plates to achieve 800, 1000, 1200kg, 1500 and 1800kg overall weights.

Manufactured from 15-25mm thick 355 grade steel, the system only extends the front overhang by between 15 and 25cm, depending on tractor model. It and can also be easily fitted to rear linkages.

The system is available colours to match all the main tractor brands and is equipped with three integral parking legs for easy dismounting.

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