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Thursday, 19 July 2018 12:34

Kinder, gentler mowing possible

Written by  Mark Daniel
The Kverneland 3332MR. The Kverneland 3332MR.

For the 2018-19 grass season Power Farming is introducing a Kverneland 3.2m mounted Mo-Co with rubber-like conditioning rollers, specifically designed for use in fragile crops.

The 3332MR joins the 3332MT, a steel tine conditioner for general use, so offering growers a greater choice, says Shane Cox, grass machinery specialist at Power Farming. 

“It incorporates KV technology, such as the cutter bar and QuattroLink suspension and now the rubber chevron roller format.” 

Said to be ideal for handling delicate crops such as clover, sorghum and lucerne, roller conditioning provides gentle yet effective handling by effectively cracking stems and abrading the wax coating while still preserving the high-value, nutritious leaves and promoting an even drying pattern.

Two 225mm diameter rollers are made from durable polyurethane vulcanised onto a steel core. The construction guarantees rollers that will not twist out of shape regardless of the force transmitted onto them.

Positioned in a staggered layout, with the upper roller ahead of the lower, the full-width chevron pattern directs the crop away from the cutting discs, ensuring cutting quality, while a thinner mat of material also increases roller contact and helps to reduce power requirements.

A spring-controlled tensioning system exerts pressure on the two rollers for uniform conditioning regardless of the amount of crop passing through the rollers. Should an obstacle be encountered, roller pressure will be momentarily disabled, allowing obstacles up to 60mm to pass without damage and without having to stop mowing. As the required conditioning intensity varies from field to field, manual adjustment allows fine tuning to suit all conditions.

Like the broader 3300 series range of mower conditioners, the 3332MR has the KV QuattroLink suspension concept. This is designed to provide a high degree of contouring ability and a highly flexible working range. 

The system allows the mowing unit to float independently over the paddock, adjusting continuously to any changes in the ground contour. It has a working range of 400mm up and 300mm down, as well as a lateral adaptation range of 30°. 

In operation, the mowing unit does the work while the carrying arm remains fixed in a horizontal position, with ground pressure easily set from the tractor seat. Meanwhile, the unit’s automatic, non-stop BreakBack function prevents damage from unseen obstacles. 

Designed to be used with the 3632FR front-mounted mower conditioner, the KV 3332 MR can provide an overall cutting width of up to 6.2m.

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