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Monday, 20 July 2020 09:25

Sprayers aimed at reducing costs and enhancing productivity

Written by  Mark Daniel
John Deere’s 4-Series self-propelled sprayers feature several changes over existing models. John Deere’s 4-Series self-propelled sprayers feature several changes over existing models.

Now available to order, John Deere’s 4-Series self-propelled sprayers for 2021 feature several changes over existing models.

These include the roll-out of John Deere’s CommandDrive all-wheel drive system to the R4038 and R4030 models (already available on R4045 and R4060). Additional enhancements include the optional carbon fibre boom across the entire range.

John Deere production and precision ag tactical segment manager, Marko Koelln, says the updates would further boost producers’ ability to apply the right product at the right rate and the right time. 

“Through these changes, John Deere is not only providing optimised operator comfort but also helping to ensure we’re working with our customers to integrate features that have direct impact on their bottom line.” 

CommandDrive allows operators to travel over hills, wet spots and soft ground. The design featuring an intelligent powertrain that uses a single hydrostatic pump to power all four variable-displacement wheel motors. 

If one or more wheels lose traction, the system adjusts to slow the slipping wheel and directs more flow to the other wheels with traction to power the sprayer over the terrain.

In addition, the system works in tandem with the engine and entire sprayer system to automatically increase RPMs, when more power is needed and to maintain proper spraying rates. An Auto Mode setting allows operators to maintain selected ground speed and application rate at lower engine RPMs. This automatically reduces the engine’s RPM to 900 when the machine is stopped, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Another popular option is ExactApply. This is an industry-exclusive nozzle that minimises overlap by controlling product application with individual nozzles rather than the whole section. 

Meanwhile, AutoTrac Vision and RowSense options offer a higher degree of accuracy for in-row crop applications using a camera or paddles. 

Enhancements to the carbon fibre boom option include new T6 and T7 rope design, an additional breakaway bumper for more stability, new breakaway strap wear plate and new breakaway solenoid design to improve fold functionality. 

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