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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 12:00


Written by  The Hound

OPINION: This old mutt wonders what it is about tall, balding, ex-Fonterra executives and their (non) ability to handle life once they leave the safety of the big dairy co-op.

First we saw Todd (Puddle) Muller plotting and scheming his way to controversially taking over the leadership of the National Party last year, then melting like an ice cream on a summer's day when the going got tough and quitting.

The latest example is recently-departed Synlait chief executive Leon Clement who took over as boss of the Canterbury-based, Chinese-owned dairy company in late 2018.

Since then, the former darling of the NZ dairy industry has hit a few speed bumps along the way with things not going so swimmingly and lo and behold... Clement is gone burger!

Perhaps the executive training programme at Fonterra needs to add a bit more resilience guidance and instructions in dealith with adversity?

Just a thought...

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