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Thursday, 05 August 2021 16:00

The Marketing Place: Read On

Written by  Staff Reporters

We have just kicked off the new financial year and shared our plans for the next 12 months.

With still no certainty on when the border will open, as well as the other corresponding flow-on effects from the pandemic, such as shipping delays, our plans will be flexible and regularly updated. We will continue to improve and evolve how we take our New Zealand wine story to the world, and to invest time in understanding the rapidly changing global market dynamics, then share this intel with our members. We are excited to share that in addition to webinars, we will be hosting a Wine Business Forum in Wellington later this year as a day of inspiration and learning as well as reconnecting as an industry. Creating platforms for our members to make global connections remains an important part of our role, and we look forward to when it is feasible to return to face-to-face interactions once again.

Charlotte Read is General Manager Marketing at New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW).

Organic Wine Week

NZW International Market Managers took a collaborative approach to New Zealand Wine Week earlier in the year, and will repeat that successful model during Organic Wine Week this September, with a series of virtual events planned. From 20 to 25 September NZW will host multiple activations, targeted at trade across Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. There will be a masterclass discussion with the same wines featured across all our markets with samples available to key trade. We will also look to run in-person tastings where possible. These activities aim to dive deep into organic production in New Zealand, from the soil to the winery.

Speaking of NZ wine...

Despite border closures and the Visit Programme remaining on hold, the NZW Global PR Programme has ensured New Zealand wine continues to be a vibrant part of the media conversation globally. Results for year ending June 2021 have been exceptional, with the programme reaching 270 million people globally, worth an equivalent advertising value of $5.7m.

Intel and Insights

Providing our membership with relevant and timely information in an ever-changing global wine landscape has remained a key driver for NZW, and the area of ‘intel and insights’ has become a major focus area for our marketing team over the past year. Readily accessible, approachable delivery was the overarching goal, with a regular webinar series introduced and the Euromonitor country reports moved to an interactive online tool on our website. Our latest webinars reflect our ongoing partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). Melbourne-based NZTE business advisor Cathy Wansink led a panel discussion that explored New Zealand’s place in the Australian wine market, alongside the reality of the market, selling into it, and the growth potential of a fresh approach to marketing your brand. Another NZTE-led webinar was a wine sector deep dive into the food and beverage research that has been conducted in our major export markets of the UK, US, Australia, Singapore and Japan, to understand consumer purchase drivers in response to the pandemic, and how to put this research into action.

Find the recordings at nzwine.com/members/marketing/webinars-events

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