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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 07:55

AgResearch and Taratahi announce new partnership

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As part of the partnership AgResearch will have the opportunity to access Taratahi's 12 farms. As part of the partnership AgResearch will have the opportunity to access Taratahi's 12 farms.

AgResearch and Taratahi's new partnership aims to strengthen agricultural and hill country science and educational opportunities for the agricultural sector.

As part of the partnership AgResearch will have the opportunity to access Taratahi's 12 farms spread across the North Island to undertake research projects. Taratahi will lease AgResearch's 487ha Ballantrae hill country farm near Woodville for education and research purposes.

AgResearch shared services director Andrew McSweeney says the partnership provides both organisations with great opportunities.

"It gives Taratahi a well-located farm for training purposes and their students get the opportunity to work with our scientists. Taratahi take over the day-to-day operation of Ballantrae and we continue to have access for research purposes. There is also the potential for AgResearch to work with Taratahi on the other farms they manage.

"These farms cover a diverse range of landscapes, climates and soils which provide for new opportunities for hill country and other research," he says.

Furthermore, the partnership could be the basis of future research applications, McSweeney says.

Taratahi chief executive Arthur Graves says the partnership will have huge benefits for students.

"This partnership will strengthen both organisations and offer some unique education opportunities. It will also provide greater opportunities for farm management and science students.

"Manawatu students, in particular will have access to a highly regarded research farms.

"Farming excellence today relies on the increased use of technology and science so our students will go into the agricultural workforce with greater insights and knowledge that can be applied to improve farm profitability".

AgResearch and Taratahi are currently planning the transition of farm management, which will occur over the autumn of 2016.

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