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Friday, 06 May 2022 06:55

Pigtail welcomes farmer feedback

Written by  Mark Daniel
Farmer, engineer and owner of Strainrite, Maurice Wooster. Farmer, engineer and owner of Strainrite, Maurice Wooster.

New Zealand engineering firm Strainrite has been manufacturing its own pigtail standards for many decades, working closely with farmers to design and produce standards that are free of the faults farmers say are often found in cheaper, imported brand.

Farmer, engineer and owner of Strainrite, Maurice Wooster, says feedback received by the company suggests that one of the main problems amongst other pigtail post brands continues to be the foot bending, or breaking shafts.

"At Strainrite, we press-form the foot into a shallow 'U' shape, so that the edges curl downwards when it's trodden in. These edges, or sides, give it superior strength without adding any additional weight. Each foot is also machine press-crimped on to the shaft, which makes the join much stronger than if it was just welded on," says Wooster. "We're the only ones who do both things. Some other manufacturers use flat bar or wire section feet, but they aren't as effective."

Mark Mulholland, a dairy farmer in Darfield, agrees, commenting, "the foot on some of the opposition standards breaks off when you're pushing them in.

"The Strainrite standards have a more robust foot which stands up to a fair bit of abuse."

Strainrite Pigtail FBTW

Farmers praise the strength and ground-hold of Strainrite's uniquely-designed foot, which features throughout its pigtail post range.

"It also provides better ground-hold because the 'U' shape compresses the earth as it goes in," explains Wooster.

"Just like cleats do on a tractor wheel. That mean that our standards don't fall out, even when they're bent."

Strainrite uses hot-dipping in its galvanising process, that Wooster says provides corrosion protection that adheres better and gives a thicker cozating than other alternatives such as zinc-plating, which may only last one to two years.

Farmer feedback also identified sun damage to plastic insulators and fittings as another factor in pigtail standard failure. Strainrite responded by UV stabilising all plastic throughout its pigtail posts range.

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