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Wednesday, 05 June 2019 16:19

Flat roller puts away stones, kills grubs

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The Aitchison transfer roller. The Aitchison transfer roller.

Flat rolling pasture, particularly in spring, is an effective method of pushing stones below the ground surface, so preventing damage to mowers, rakes and harvesters used subsequently.

The process is also good for repairing pugged areas, consolidating peat land and killing grass grubs.

The Aitchison transfer roller moves away from the traditional trailed design, being linkage mounted and using a weight transfer system via a hydraulic top link assembly. 

In practice, the weight of the carrying tractor is transferred to the roller, so increasing pressure over a small footprint, with the additional benefit of reducing tractor tyre wheelings. The pressure is easily adjusted from the tractor seat, and the machine is said to be suitable for wet and dry pasture situations.

Robustly made and using a 600mm diameter smooth roller, the TR275 and TR 300 models come in working widths of 9’ 2” and 10’ respectively, with transport widths of 3.0 and 3.3m. 

Filled with water to increase the tare weight the units weigh 1920 and 2120kg respectively, can typically operate between 2 and 15km/h and require a tractor of 80-140hp depending on terrain.



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