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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 14:10

Tractors for all seasons

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JD’s 5G series provides a wide range of formats for all horticultural and viticulture scenarios. JD’s 5G series provides a wide range of formats for all horticultural and viticulture scenarios.

The latest 5G series from John Deere takes the tried-and-tested route: a wide range of formats for all horticultural and viticulture scenarios.

The 5GF is designed for orchards or vineyards with wide row spacing. The 5GN, being narrower, suits row widths of 185cm. Both units have cabins 120cm wide inside, with good access and comfort. 

Models 5GL are the low-profile solution for narrow spaces with a minimum width of 103cm, while the 5GV is the ‘skinny minnie’ designed for 160cm row widths and offering a cabin of 100cm.

Three power ratings -- 100, 85 and 75hp -- all use 4-cylinder engines. The two larger models run a 4.5L engine and a 3.2L in the 75hp unit, all sourced from industry specialists FPT and meeting Tier 3A emission regulations. All the engines have Bosch mechanical injection with 500-hour service intervals.

A viscous coupled fan cools in all conditions, and a three-piece engine hood allows easy access for servicing. 

Fuel tanks hold up to 73L, and exhausts are horizontal on the ROPS unit and vertical on cabbed machines. 

Further choice is offered in the options of 2WD or 4WD, both available in open-station or cab variants with 120cm or 100cm widths.

A high-efficiency drive-line acknowledges that this type of machine typically spends 50% of its time working at PTO applications. In the case of the 100hp unit, a creditable 82hp is available at the shaft, with options to specify 540/1000, 540/540E or ground speed.

Hydraulic systems offer a standard lift capacity of 2590kg. But in the case of the 5GF and 5GN units, it can be optioned with external lift cylinders to lift 3100 kg. 

Standard control is mechanical, with draught control achieved with top-link sensing. Hydraulic flows of up to 122.5L/min via three hydraulic pumps can be achieved with the 75hp and 85hp machines, while the 100hp tractor offers flows to 107L/min.

Dependent on final specification, the tractors can be offered with electro-hydraulic control of the remote valves, with flow adjustment on up to four valves and timed flow available on valves no 1 and 2. Further options include electro-hydraulic linkage control and hydraulic lateral stabilisation.

A steering angle of 55 degrees gives turning radii ranging from 3410 to 3650mm dependent on model and axle spacings, which is also aided by automated control of the 4WD and diff-locks at speeds of over 14km/h. 

Selection of 4WD and diff-locks is activated electro-hydraulically, while auto-engagement of the 4WD system to help retardation is also achieved when locked brake pedals are depressed. 

A wide range of accessories include front links and PTO, specialised cabin filtration and a range of ballast packages.


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