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Tuesday, 02 November 2021 15:00

A bit queer

Written by  The Hound

OPINION: Your canine crusader was delighted to learn that the 2023 Census will be asking people about their gender, sexual identity, and whether they have any variations of sex characteristics - also known as intersex status.

According to Stats NZ, this will be the first time "everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand" will be questioned on such topics.

"People's sense of their gender and sexual identity is really important to them and can impact on their lives and experiences," the woke folk at Stats NZ claim.

"The data will also inform better decision making and provision of services for the rainbow community."

The government's department's soical and population insights general manager Jason Attewell says Stats NZ already collects sexual identity and gender in its other household surveys.

Well, isn't that good to know.

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