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Tuesday, 19 October 2021 15:30

Woke and broke?

Written by  The Hound

OPINION: Speaking of woke, Government-owned entities that love wasting public money and producing fluffy PR pieces, the Hound sees that Landcorp - known as Pāmu - has just released its 2021 annual report.

Of course, it is not just your normal annual report, which shows that, again, Landcorp is a dog of an investment for the country's taxpayers.

Instead, the state-owned farmer produces an 'integrated' annual report.

This translates  - in layman's (sorry person's) language - to mean that they talked with a whole of lot of people (mainly their own directors, employees and suppliers - i.e.: people it pays) and got them to say just how wonderful Pāmu is.

The report also shows that outgoing chief executive Steven Carden was paid more than $3.65 million in salary during the past five years, and last year 165 of its staff earned over $100k.

Imagine if Pāmu actually made a half decent return on investment.

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