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Tuesday, 07 September 2021 15:30

Mr Grumpy: It's a funny old world

Written by  Bob Campbell

OPINION: Some time ago I was asked to host a corporate wine tasting by a management consulting company.

They gave me a decent budget of $80 a bottle. The guests were mostly CEOs of large companies. After the formalities were over, I was enjoying a glass with three other guests when one of them commented, "I've never tasted a wine as good as this before". He then added, "mind you I never pay more than $15 a bottle". The other guests nodded in agreement. I had a vision of them climbing into their hi-spec Mercedes before driving home to enjoy an exquisitely prepared meal with a glass of $15 Merlot.

Contrast that with a recent major international drug bust involving the Comanchero Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. The South Australian Police seized a large quantity of drugs, cash, luxury cards and... wait for it... "A number of extensive wine collections - including two full sets of Penfolds Grange worth $400,000 each."

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