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Tuesday, 13 April 2021 16:00

Oat dear!

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OPINION: Oat 'milk' is facing a crisis of sorts.

A viral tweet calling it "super sugar grain juice" is worrying oat milk lovers.

The tweet based on an article from an expert in marketing, states that natural sugars in oat milks can affect your blood sugar more than a can of Coke.

But anti-dairy campaigners have been quick to defend oat milk.

While oat milk does contain a type of sugat your body absorbs more quickly, there's no need to panic about your oat milk latte, let alone your oatmeal, they say.

The complaint about oat milk is that it contains several grams of added sugar on the label. That's despite the ingredients list showing nothing but oats, oil, salt, and vitamins.

The sugar is the result of nprocessing the oats. Enzymes added during production break down the natural oat starches into sugar, creating the sweet taste people expect from oat milk.

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