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Friday, 08 March 2019 14:59

Norwood Hire opens

Written by  Mark Daniel
Norwood Hire is now open for business. Norwood Hire is now open for business.

Norwood has opened a new division called Norwood Hire, offering short-medium term hire contracts on tractors and equipment.

The service will suit contractors, farmers and anyone needing to relieve seasonal pressures without the cost of buying more gear.

And hirers will get to use the latest agricultural technology.

All hire contracts include scheduled servicing costs as part of a competitive hourly rate.

“The hire division is an opportunity for us to provide our customers with the best machinery, without requiring the financial commitment of a traditional purchase,” says Norwood Hire manager Greg Moore.
“Hiring also allows them to access the latest machinery and technology, letting them get the job done.” 

At the conclusion of the hire contract, the machinery can be purchased from Norwood with up to 100% of hiring costs to be deducted from the selling price. 


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