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Wednesday, 21 July 2021 07:55

Cheese name change

Written by  Staff Reporters
Coon cheese has a new name: Cheer. Coon cheese has a new name: Cheer.

It's out with Coon branded cheese and in with Cheer.

The rollout of the rebranded Coon cheese started in Australian supermarket shelves this month.

The near-century old Australian-made dairy product was renamed Cheer Cheese after the brand’s owners acknowledged the racial overtones of the original label.

Coon cheese was named after founder Edward William Coon, the US man who developed and patented a unique cheese maturing process. However the word coon had also emerged as a racial slur in America in the 18th century.

The brand’s owners, Canadian-based dairy giant Saputo, signalled last year that a rebrand was on the cards.

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