Plan through El Nino

With predictions the El Nino will continue through summer, Ballance says now is the time to proceed with a pasture…


Less milk expected now

Most of the major banks are predicting a drop between 4% and 8% – much higher than Fonterra's current forecast…

Banks raise dairy forecasts

Farmgate milk price forecasts by at least two banks, ASB and BNZ, have now been hiked upwards to $5/kgMS for…


Aussie farmers back China trade deal

As Australian politicians haggle over endorsing a free trade agreement with China, farmers are warning that failure to ratify the deal will cost them up to A$18 billion over 10 years.

NZ beef preferred in Japan

Research shows 89% of supermarket consumers in international markets consider the country of origin when deciding which beef to purchase.


French farmers protest

When French farmers are unhappy they take to the streets. Last week, 1000 tractors rolled into Paris as French farmers tried to clog up the capital’s roads in protest at plummeting food prices.


US farmers not too keen on Trump

According to US political magazine Politico Donald Trump’s brash talk about stopping undocumented immigration has excited Republican primary voters, turbocharged…

Farmers’ will do their bit

The Health and Safety Reform Bill grabbed many headlines because of farming activities that are deemed high risk, and those…

TPP a prize worth the effort

Few trade agreements have generated as many column inches – or as much protest - as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

A ‘Brighter’ future?

It seems that farmer/shareholder ownership of primary sector entities is almost worshipped in some quarters.



Paper records yield to online

Online software and a mobile phone app are helping a sheep and beef farmer quickly and easily present data for farm assurance and compliance audits, says the supplier, Farm IQ.


Liming regime brings rewards

Come snow, drought or falling returns, Ranfurly sheep and beef farmer Johnny Girvan always limes, says his lime supplier Graymont.

Ewes give landslide the slip

It was a Saturday afternoon and it had been raining for two days; Taranaki farmer Graham Fergus decided to move his ewes on a hilly paddock.

Farm Health

Induction ban no biggie – vet

Proactive farming and a stringent plan is credited for minimising the impact of the industry-wide ban on routine inductions which…

Machinery & Products

Not just for kids

While young people have their faces glued to smartphones using the latest social media apps, remember many apps have potential…


APC ensures good, tight bales

German harvest specialist Claas will take away a silver medal from the upcoming Agritechnica show for its automatic pressure control…


Still turning many heads

The saying goes “the only good thing to come out of Birmingham (UK) is the M6 motorway”, but just a…

Hybrid car comes of age

Firstly, in my defence, I’m a 1970s petrolhead who knew his way around Cortina, Capri and Weber carburettors no problem,…

D40 still has the chops

The 2005 launch of the Nissan Navara D40 really tested its mettle, the media drive event hammering the trucks through…


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The Hound

Good for you

Studies show that people who grow up on farms – especially dairy farms – have way fewer allergy and asthma…


Your old mate had to giggle at a recent media proclamation from the Waikato Regional Council. The local government body boldly…


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Lamb competition undergoes revamp

Sheep farmers are being encouraged to enter the Canterbury A&P Show's new and improved Mint Lamb Competition after an overhaul…


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Stronger dollar lowers wool prices

Stronger dollar lowers wool prices

New Zealand Wool Services International CEO John Dawson says the strengthened New Zealand dollar has negatively impacted at this week's…

Rural Life

Lamb competition undergoes revamp

Sheep farmers are being encouraged to enter the Canterbury A&P Show's new and improved Mint Lamb Competition after an overhaul…