Fine wines fly high

Producing a fine wine takes time. So too has the creation of the inaugural Fine Wines of New Zealand list,…

And the winners are...

The future of the New Zealand wine industry is in good hands, if the competition for Bayer Young Viticulturist of…

Dealing with restricted water

With climate change will come more extremes of weather. That could well mean more sustained periods of drought in some…


Top grafting boom

Want to change varieties in your vineyard? Well you have a couple of choices. Remove all vines and plant anew,…


Geneva Double Curtain

What does the original Apple Macintosh computer, Beta videotape and the Wankel engine all have in common?

Winners again

Tony Laithwaite has long been a champion of New Zealand wine.


New look Hawke’s Bay reds

Let's play a word game: a winemaker says cool climate, active limestone and early ripening black grape variety.

Uniquely boutique

It is 26 years since Jackson Estate launched their first Marlborough wine onto the market, and despite continued success the…


Led by the heart

Displaying the motto 'to struggle through adversity makes success so much sweeter' on their website, Kalex wines sense a distinct…

Age and beauty

As the countdown to Pinot Noir 2017 continues, NZWinegrower will be looking at the regions taking part in the celebration.

'Over my dead body'

Doug Bell spent the last 32 years vowing he would never plant Sauvignon Blanc.


Whanau for the curators

Professional wine and beverage service is one of the key factors for the success of the New Zealand Hospitality sector.

Bob's blog

Bob Campbell MW examines whats happening in the New Zealand wine industry.


$1.5 billion of exports!

1999 ... $0.1 billion of wine exports, 2006 ... $0.5 billion of wine exports, 2010 ... $1.0 billion of wine exports, 2015 ...…



Taste of Japan

It’s a sunny mid winter day in one of New Zealand’s smallest wine regions when Hiro Kusuda talks about his…



Communicate your style

"Please experiment, please reinvent, please innovate. But please, please, please communicate – talk to your consumer and let them know…

Machinery & Products

Ozone in the vineyard

The word ozone conjures up images of big holes in the atmosphere, stronger UV light, the risk of severe sunburn…

Drones versus birds

Drones may soon be joining the armoury of weapons used to scare birds away from ripening grapes  after a trial…


On site brett testing

Brettanomyces bruxellensis is the bane of winemakers throughout the world. Known simply as Brett, its impact can lead to unpleasant…

Spray nozzle engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering Australasia has opened two new tank head repair and cleaning Centres of Excellence, in Melbourne, Australia and…

Grape brain

Estimating grape yields is a headache for the wine industry – but now there’s an app for that.

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