So much room to grow

While the American market for New Zealand wines is undergoing unprecedented growth, there is room for much more.

Recyclable packaging

As the world becomes more focused on recyclable packaging, a family owned New Zealand freight forwarder has developed an environmentally…

Bringing back the fun

"The wine industry has done an incredible job of making their consumer feel like an idiot."

Leveraging Pinot Noir 2017

Before the dust has even settled on the first ever International Sauvignon Blanc Celebration, the organisation of Pinot Noir 2017…


Geneva Double Curtain

What does the original Apple Macintosh computer, Beta videotape and the Wankel engine all have in common?

Winners again

Tony Laithwaite has long been a champion of New Zealand wine.

The future of Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand has 22% of the world's 90,000 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc so diversification is important, as winemakers James Healy…


Uniquely boutique

It is 26 years since Jackson Estate launched their first Marlborough wine onto the market, and despite continued success the…

Led by the heart

Displaying the motto 'to struggle through adversity makes success so much sweeter' on their website, Kalex wines sense a distinct…

Age and beauty

As the countdown to Pinot Noir 2017 continues, NZWinegrower will be looking at the regions taking part in the celebration.

'Over my dead body'

Doug Bell spent the last 32 years vowing he would never plant Sauvignon Blanc.


Bob's blog

Bob Campbell MW examines whats happening in the New Zealand wine industry.

$1.5 billion of exports!

1999 ... $0.1 billion of wine exports, 2006 ... $0.5 billion of wine exports, 2010 ... $1.0 billion of wine exports, 2015 ...…


Science of Wine - Petra King

Highly regarded as a research scientist, Petra King is exceptional and perhaps unique for having crossed what is commonly perceived…

Terroir’s fifth tenet

The four energies that go into creating terroir are well renowned. They are; geological, climatic, vine and human.

From law to Master of Wine

If he had known how long it would take to gain the wine world's highest qualification, Stephen Wong may never…


Machinery & Products

Ozone in the vineyard

The word ozone conjures up images of big holes in the atmosphere, stronger UV light, the risk of severe sunburn…

Drones versus birds

Drones may soon be joining the armoury of weapons used to scare birds away from ripening grapes  after a trial…

On site brett testing

Brettanomyces bruxellensis is the bane of winemakers throughout the world. Known simply as Brett, its impact can lead to unpleasant…

Spray nozzle engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering Australasia has opened two new tank head repair and cleaning Centres of Excellence, in Melbourne, Australia and…

Grape brain

Estimating grape yields is a headache for the wine industry – but now there’s an app for that.

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Waipara’s new landmark

While Rakaia has its giant trout, Paeroa has a massive L&P bottle, Waipara now has an eight and a half…