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Dairy farms targeted in labour infringements probe

Dairy farmers who fail to keep written employment agreements or time records can expect to receive a sharp shock, as the Labour Inspectorate launches a nationwide probe into compliance in the industry.




Co-op model vital to NZ

The cooperative business model has stood the test of time and thrives worldwide; New Zealand is an outstanding example of…

NZ wins from trade deals

The question many people are asking is, 'which trade deal will it be: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPPA) or the…

Make your vote count

When you exercise your vote in the local body elections in October, make it count towards candidates who understand the…




Benefits of beef sires

Use of proven beef genetics delivers the goods on dairy farms, a five-year study has found.

Farm Health

Teaching a dog to ‘leave it’ a useful trick

Dogs can be taught a lot of different commands, more than you would think; the thing to remember prior to training is to run through in your mind their other commands to make sure they all sound different.

Cheaper does not mean better

Farmers can no longer simply buy the cheapest drench, assume it is doing a good job of killing worms and not consider the longer term implications, says Jo Houlter, veterinary technical advisor, MSD Animal Health.

Machinery & Products

More than a rear view camera!

Safety comes high on the agenda of many tractor developers and manufacturers, but many industry watchers don’t realise that much of the technology shown at annual shows and exhibitions comes from industrial giant ZF.


Water’s for troughs, not tractors

Labradors and Kiwi farmers love water, the former for swimming and the latter for ballasting tractors by filling the tyres with the stuff.

Will these robots ever catch on?

A UK research company suggests the market for agricultural robots and drones, now about $3 billion annually, will balloon to $10b by 2022.

Fast, easy, accurate drilling

Getting crops into the ground relies on a drill that is accurate, fast and, in these high-tech days, easy to use.


Jeep 75 years young

Jeep is celebrating 75 years of 4x4, military history and outdoor adventure in 2016 and to mark the event, Jeep…

Keep it all under cover

A new, easy-to-use cover for utes that doesn't require holes drilled into the bodywork will be taking pride of place…

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The Hound

Seriously, Lincoln?

Your canine crusader had to giggle at the latest spin coming out of Lincoln University, now engulfed in a financial…

Not so GE-free

The Hound had to shake his head at the performance of the Hastings District Council (HDC) and the debacle it…


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South Island wool bounces

South Island wool bounces

Despite a strengthening NZ dollar, the varied selection at this week's South Island auction attracted strong support.

Wool market steady

Wool market steady

The North Island wool auction received revived support this week with an improved 81% of the 5700 bales selling.

Rural Life

Ozone in the vineyard

The word ozone conjures up images of big holes in the atmosphere, stronger UV light, the risk of severe sunburn…

Drones versus birds

Drones may soon be joining the armoury of weapons used to scare birds away from ripening grapes  after a trial…