Poop to good use

We hear that methane produced by cows is terrible for the environment; in 2015 it comprised 16% of all greenhouse gases.

Nutty dipping

Change is coming to yoghurt, now poised to be the next big nut-milk trend.

Watered down

The farmers who booed Winston Peters at the water tax protest in Morrinsville in September may owe him an apology.

Nuts about milk

While most Starbucks bottled drinks contain dairy, four new options on the company’s ready-to-drink menu scratched cow milk from the ingredients list.

The grass is high

A New Zealand agri academic recently visiting the US met an American who clearly knew little about this country.

There is something in a name

Horizons Regional Council scored a winner the other week at a farmers’ meeting to discuss the dogs breakfast that is One Plan.

Fewer cows, more Canadians

Canada now has fewer cows than at any time since the early 1990s and, say analysts, it’s partially millennials’ fault.

P... p... pea milk

They say it’s never been easier to avoid dairy, thanks to an ever-expanding array of plant-based ‘milk’ -- rice, soy, hemp, oat, coconut, almond, macadamia, hazelnut and cashew.

Sanction busting

Sanction-hit Qatar is flying in food from abroad, including milk from the UK.

No watery grave

It's not every day a fireman gets a call to rescue cows from a water reservoir.

Goodbye to spillage

Say goodbye to spilt milk, as scientists offer dissolvable milk capsules you add to your tea or coffee just like sugar cubes.

Labour's proposed water tax is causing jitters in the farming sector.

Another reason not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg: Stats NZ says we achieved a rare July trade surplus of $85 million this year, thanks to a recovery in dairy export prices.

The animal husbandry department of an Indian state has stepped up work to provide health cards to cows.

In 1993 Jim Herr, the owner of Herr Food Inc, in the US, most famous for its line of potato chips, confronted a problem.

We all know that happy cows produce better milk. The finding is not new; the California Milk Advisory Board has been saying it for years.

Cheese lovers can breathe easy. Cheese, milk, and yogurt have been labelled ‘drugs’ of the food world. But are they truly so bad?

An ambulance service for cattle has begun in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state in a bid to protect animals sacred to the country’s majority Hindu community.

More 'girls' will be joining the herd on the streets of Morrinsville, including a new mega-cow -- all new arrivals in the town’s Herd of Cows street art project.

Farmers using drones to monitor their farms may have a new challenge -- eagles.


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