Jacinda Ardern.

Call it what you like -- water tax, royalty on water use or a water use charge -- it’s an unfair proposal, another ploy by the Government to charge its coffers at the expense of the country’s hardworking farmers.

Feed them spuds

In 1993 Jim Herr, the owner of Herr Food Inc, in the US, most famous for its line of potato chips, confronted a problem.

Happy all the time

We all know that happy cows produce better milk. The finding is not new; the California Milk Advisory Board has been saying it for years.

Bill English.

Prime Minister Bill English recently spoke at the NZ Institute of International Affairs annual dinner and touched on trade. Here are excerpts from his speech.

Jim Mulhern.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can no longer ignore the growing demand that it enforces its own regulations against fake dairy foods.

Tuck in with impunity

Cheese lovers can breathe easy. Cheese, milk, and yogurt have been labelled ‘drugs’ of the food world. But are they truly so bad?

‘We’ll see you right’

An ambulance service for cattle has begun in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state in a bid to protect animals sacred to the country’s majority Hindu community.

More ‘girls’ on streets

More 'girls' will be joining the herd on the streets of Morrinsville, including a new mega-cow -- all new arrivals in the town’s Herd of Cows street art project.

Knocked out

Farmers using drones to monitor their farms may have a new challenge -- eagles.

Plenty's been said about the first 100 days of the Trump presidency – more about unfulfilled campaign promises than tangible action – but in recent weeks the dairy industry has been drawn into some of the posturing.

Sellers of raw milk in New Zealand are taking new regulations in their stride.

The Australian dairy industry is joining the fight to clarify the meaning of the word ‘milk’.

A David and Goliath battle has ended with David’s victory! A dispute between Fonterra and Lewis Road Creamery over labelling on Kapiti milk bottles is over.

Cows in Germany are being given three-month maternity leave to take care of their offspring.

GDP per capita in Zimbabwe (in constant dollars) is about where it was in 1960, and markedly lower than it was in the mid 1970s.


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Milking It

Health cards for cow ID

The animal husbandry department of an Indian state has stepped up work to provide health cards to cows.

Feed them spuds

In 1993 Jim Herr, the owner of Herr Food Inc, in the US, most famous for its line of potato…


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South Island wool sale eases

South Island wool sale eases

The 4700 bales on offer saw a 74% clearance with mixed results, however all prices paid locally are still above…

Wool continues to ease

Wool continues to ease

The 7250 bales of North Island wool on offer saw a 72% clearance with most types easing further.