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Thursday, 01 April 2021 16:55

New dimension in fert application

Written by  Staff Reporters
The latest introduction to the Tow and Fert family is the Multi 500. The latest introduction to the Tow and Fert family is the Multi 500.

With new nitrogen fertiliser restrictions due to kick in during July 2021, with a target to apply less than 190 units N/ha, many farmers will be having a re-think on fertiliser application.

Tow and Fert, well known for its system of delivering nutrients in suspension as a foliar application, says its system is already reaping benefits for its customers, by increasing efficiency, reducing inputs, leaching and run-off and most importantly, growing more grass.

The latest introduction to the Tow and Fert family is the Multi 500 that the company says will help farmers reduce their nitrogen inputs significantly, helping them to become compliant with the new regulations.

Designed for smaller farms, those wanting to trial the system or perhaps requiring a smaller second machine, the Multi 500 is said to bring the technology of its larger siblings in an easy to use package.

Suitable for towing behind an ATV or UTV, the Multi 500 features a 500-litre tank, working in conjunction with an engine-driven, 2-inch Metalform stainless steel trash pump.

Typically, the set up can cover 3 –4ha in 20-25 minutes, at spreading widths of up to 10 metres, with the ability to dissolve 200kg of urea/DAP or keep 350kg of lime in suspension. The heavy-duty suspension uses galvanised steel throughout, houses the tank in a position to create a low centre of gravity, while wide, low pressure tyre equipment means the machine treads lightly.

Its compact size and light footprint means that it can be used immediately after the cows have left a paddock, while also offering the versatility of being able to mix and apply mag oxide several days in advance of grazing, or applying thistle control herbicides in combination with urea applications.


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