Monday, 25 May 2020 13:33

Diesel heater at low cost

Written by  Staff Reporters

The TOYOTOMI Laser FF95 burns ordinary diesel and is a suitable replacement for log burners, pellet fires, electric and gas heaters in homes, offices or general areas.

You wouldn’t know it was a diesel heater as the fuel injected combustion chamber is completely sealed, so no fumes can enter the area being heated. 

Ignited at the touch of a switch, the FF95 features simple burner start/stop, self-cleaning fuel injection, and an automatic thermostat controlling 3-stage heating at 9.5kW, 5.49kW and 2.96kW outputs - burning diesel at 1.07, 0.62 & 0.33 liters per hour respectively. 

A weekly timer allows for fully automatic operation, while a 50-watt continuous demand operates the ultra-quiet three-speed fan and controls. 

Offered with a three-year general warranty and five years for the stainless-steel combustion chamber, the Laser is 92% efficient and produces huge volumes of real heat, at 30% to 50% less than the cost of conventional electric or gas heating. 

With current electricity prices averaging 28c/kWh and diesel typically $1/litre, running costs amount to around 11 cents/kWh. The price of diesel would need to rise to $2.48L to equal the current kilowatt hour cost of on demand electricity (in most areas of NZ).

While warm air from heat pumps may be 38°C to 45°C, the hot air from the Laser is delivered at about 75°C, so the difference is no cold drafts, warm feet, and very low power consumption.


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