Charlotte Henley, Partner at Kensington Swan.

A recent New Zealand trade mark case highlights to winemakers the importance of making sufficient ongoing use of a registered trade mark, even when it is for one of your secondary wine labels.

Productivity, quality and Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is second only to Sauvignon Blanc in terms of New Zealand wine production. Nonetheless, the variety remains a “minx of a vine” to grow and manage.

Helen and Tony Smale from Forté Management.

As an employee, attending a contract negotiation can be as nerve wracking as waiting on a report card.

Marija Batistich.

Environment Minister Nick Smith made waves earlier this year when he announced the Clean Water package in February, a series of initiatives which the Government claims will improve freshwater management in New Zealand.

Hand picked grapes are delivered straight to the outdoor fermenter.

Dominic Maxwell, (Greystone Wine’s winemaker) has one goal - to make Pinot Noir that truly expresses its site.

Aaron Jay didn’t think he was the sort of person who would benefit from an Icehouse programme. Now he is a staunch advocate of it.

When it was suggested to Aaron Jay, owner of Marlborough Vine Works that he undertake The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme, he scoffed. Now four years after completing the course, he is anything but skeptical.

Rachel Robinson, CEO for Laithwaite’s Asia/Pacific and the man who started it all 50 years ago – Tony Laithwaite.

For 30 years Tony Laithwaite has been championing New Zealand wines in the UK. Now he is hoping wine lovers will champion his new operation here in New Zealand.

"Please experiment, please reinvent, please innovate. But please, please, please communicate – talk to your consumer and let them know what you are doing."

When Sharon Ayres of Sacred Hill Vineyards started the search for a technology solution which would protect Sacred Hills lone workers she wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Grape bunches become progressively more susceptible to Botrytis infection as harvest approaches.

With stringent new Health and Safety laws coming, a software company has come up with the tablet that could take away all management headaches.

A new form of wine sales has hit the New Zealand market, backed by two well known wine afficinados.

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