Judging at this year’s International Aromatic Wine Competition. In front, Simon Waghorn and behind, Chair of Judges, Jim Harre.

For a show that began with such international gusto, the New Zealand Aromatic Wine Competition has morphed into something far more parochial, but perhaps it is all the better for it. 

Roads and rail were out following the Kaikoura earthquake last year, creating logistical nightmares for both North Canterbury and Marlborough wineries.

A New Zealand Winegrowers’ research project, funded by MPI, is hoping to take the lessons from the 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake to build a more resilient industry for the future.

27 Seconds

Twenty-seven seconds isn’t a very long time. You can’t make a barista coffee in that time. Or cook a piece of toast. Yet every 27 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world is sold or trafficked into slavery.

The entire staff of the Wine Institute of NZ in 1990, Philip Gregan, Lorraine Rudelj and Terry Dunleavy.

When New Zealand Winegrowers Inc. closes its doors for the Christmas break, the organisation will also be saying goodbye to an employee who has been there for 37 years.

New Zealand Winegrowers’ new Research Programme Manager, Dr Matias Kinzuirk.

Landing the position of New Zealand Winegrowers’ Research Programme Manager is the dream job for Matias Kinzurik, as Tessa Nicholson discovered.

Under/standing  – the sculpture

It stands eight metres tall, weighs three and a half tonnes, has 52 individual components and arrived as a flat pack, that required two cranes to lift it up, to the magnificent structure it now is.

Bruce Forlong with a broken post that has been machined to fit within the steel sleeve.

In Marlborough alone it is estimated that more than 145,000 wooden vineyard posts are broken every year.

NZW Chair Steve Green presents the Champion Trophy to BoneLine part owner and viticulturist Lindsay Hill.

For the first time ever the Bragato Wine Awards focused solely on single vineyard wines, meaning the judging panel had the chance to experience hundreds of varying examples of site, during the competition.

And the winner is – Kelsey Daniels of Vinlink Marlborough.

The Tonnellerie de Mercurey New Zealand Young Winemaker of the Year has been decided, after two months of heats and finals. And the grand title goes to – Kelsey Daniels, from Vinlink Marlborough.

The heading of this story may sound a bit like a real estate mantra, but in the case of an American winemaker, it has become the catch phrase for changing the world of wine.

There is a new word that is sweeping across America. And it one that is quickly gaining the attention of a large sector of the community. The word is grocerant.

A sell out first ever Women in Wine New Zealand event has proved how keen industry personnel are for such an initiative.

Two Marlborough wine companies have done something no other Sauvignon Blanc producer in the world has ever done – achieve a 98-point score in a Decanter Panel Tasting.

Dr Edwin Massey examines the wine industry’s role in contributing to Biosecurity 2025: Protecting to Grow New Zealand, the Government’s statement outlining the strategic direction for biosecurity in New Zealand.

Charles Darwin once wrote of the earthworm; “It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world.”

New York PR director, New Zealander Jane Vesty, says our wines can ride the ‘premiumization’ trend

Ten years on, the RSE scheme in New Zealand has been touted as the most successful labour mobility programme in the world.

When it comes to net cash income, the latest Gross Margin Benchmarking survey shows Marlborough was head and shoulders above other wine producing regions this year.

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