The National Committee, from left; Patricia Miranda-Taylor, Pragati Thorat, Nicky Grandorge, Kerry Stainton-Herbert, Sarah Szegota, Trudy Shield, Brittney Duval and Katherine Jacobs (Chair).

Northland to Central Otago and all wine regions in between are well on the way to establishing regional Women in Wine committees. And the first National Committee meeting has taken place, held in Auckland in February.

Once again Brancott Estate will host the Gala Dinner, which will include a World of Wearable Art show.

After years of being New Zealand’s most iconic wine variety, Sauvignon Blanc was celebrated in true style for the first time in 2016.

Nautilus Wines. Photo supplied by NZW.

What makes a high quality Pinot Noir? What chemistry drives it? How can we replicate this at a commercially viable cost?

A research winery like this one at UC Davis is something Tracy Benge would like to see included at the NZW Research Centre.

There may be no building yet, but the New Zealand Winegrower’s Research Centre (NZWRC) already has its first contract.

Technologies to Enhance Quality at Harvest.

When environmental conditions aren't up to scratch, a host of techniques and technologies are available to aid wine producers in meeting the challenges of preserving and enhancing quality.

Dr Edwin Massey examines the recent research conducted by Plant & Food Research scientist Arnaud Blouin on the NZ vineyard virome and considers some of its implications for the wine industry.

Testing of durable eucalypt posts in Marlborough vineyards has shown that after a decade of being in the ground, the posts are standing up to the test of time.

For a show that began with such international gusto, the New Zealand Aromatic Wine Competition has morphed into something far more parochial, but perhaps it is all the better for it. 

A New Zealand Winegrowers’ research project, funded by MPI, is hoping to take the lessons from the 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake to build a more resilient industry for the future.

Twenty-seven seconds isn’t a very long time. You can’t make a barista coffee in that time. Or cook a piece of toast. Yet every 27 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world is sold or trafficked into slavery.

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What makes a high quality Pinot Noir? What chemistry drives it? How can we replicate this at a commercially viable…