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Dairy, beef sectors welcome sector-wide vision

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The dairy and beef sectors have welcomed today’s launch of a shared sector-wide vision to be world leaders in the sustainable production of high-quality food and fibre.

“We are supportive of the Primary Sector Council’s broad vision of having a coordinated approach across sectors and Government that will help us develop our international brand and deliver more value for farmers,” Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s chair Andrew Morrison said.

“New Zealand farmers are constantly having to adapt to shifting consumer demands in order to compete internationally and achieve a premium in the global marketplace. Increasingly consumers are asking for assurances that the product is both sustainably and ethically produced.

“We believe that our farmers are already world leaders when it comes to the production of high-quality, pasture-based products with a low environmental impact – but that doesn’t mean we can get complacent. We are always striving to improve” DairyNZ chair Jim van der Poel added.

“Sustainable farming has a critical role to play in New Zealand’s future prosperity and wellbeing. If we all work together to embrace change, adapt and thrive, Kiwi farmers have a bright future ahead.

They says the vision – Fit for a Better World – aligns with work that is already underway from both DairyNZ and Beef + Lamb New Zealand in the form of both Dairy Tomorrow and Taste Pure Nature.

Dairy Tomorrow is the dairy sector strategy to ensure dairy farming is sustainable and profitable into the future. It includes six key commitments:

• We will protect and nurture the environment for future generations;
• We will build the world’s most competitive and resilient dairy farming businesses;
• We will produce the highest quality and most valued dairy nutrition;
• We will be world leading in on-farm animal care;
• We will build great workplaces for New Zealand’s most talented workforce;
• We will help grow vibrant and prosperous communities.

 Taste Pure Nature is a country of origin brand that takes advantage of New Zealand’s unique farming systems where beef cattle and sheep are naturally raised, outdoors, and pasture-fed year-round. Underpinned by the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme and the work of Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Environment Strategy, it provides confidence for consumers overseas who see the Taste Pure Nature branding on New Zealand beef and lamb that what they’re purchasing lines up with their values.



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