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Written by The Hound
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OPINION: While your old mate was not surprised by the Government's decision to impose a ban on the live cattle exports, as it has previous form in pushing anti-farm policies.

However, he along with many in the sector - was highly disappointed by the muted response from the supposed industry 'good' bodies.

Beef + Lamb NZ (BLNZ) and DairyNZ were both very much missing in action on the live export ban.

Their deafening silence about the Government's move only adds to the argument that both BLNZ and Dairy NZ are more worried about placating the incumbent administration than fighting for their farmer levypayers.

The word 'quislings' has been used often to describe the performance of both levy organisations since the election of the Ardern-led government back in 2017.

Their gutless (non) performance over the loss of this multi-million dollar income stream does little to dispel that notion.

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