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10,000 hours of R&D takes sprayers to near perfection

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NEW FROM Hustler Equipment Company, Hastings, comes the Katipo range of sprayers with a long pedigree that will please arable farmers and growers, the company says.


The innovations are major, as agreed by experts viewing the machines at their unveiling at a new release day at Hustler’s global headquarters.

 “We started from scratch determined to combine all the feedback and ideas from clients over the years, plus our own input,” says director Stephen Currie. “And with 10,000 hours of R&D we believe we have got it right.”

The Katipo range come in three sizes: 680L, 890L and 1150L all with ultra-low profile to aid filling (respectively 1100mm, 1300mm and 1600mm high).

The low profile aids filling through the 455mm lid with built in splash catcher and reduces the risk of injury or splashing while lifting chemical containers or checking the tank.

The all-galvanised frame shows a complete redesign. It sits on a bottom plate that protects the bottom of the tank from debris and when sitting on the ground between operations.

The tanks now sit inside the new frame as opposed to the older frames which required a surrounding bracket to hold the tank. The frame has clevis pins for attaching to the tractor and sliding brackets at the back for altering the height of the booms to suit different crops. The chassis is made from 100x50 RHS, believed to be the biggest in its class. 

As part of the development the new frame in a jig was shaken at least 60,000 times before it reached a point of disintegration.

“There are no ledges inside the tanks to retain any residue liquids ensuring a complete usage or draining between different chemical mixtures,” said territory manager for Hustler Equipment, Hamish Prestidge. A deep sump aids spraying on sloping ground.

Another major change is the offset motor under the tanks so the PTO shaft is at a standard length and the pump can be operated while sitting on the ground to aid mixing when filling. The cavity beneath the tank has room for a larger pump.

“They come standard with the latest Comet BP110 (110L/min) or a Comet BP171 (171L/min) if required,” said South Island sales manager for Hustler Equipment, Nigel Holt.  

The protected Visigauge wet tube level indicator now has 120 degree visibility.

On the two larger tanks (optional on the smallest tank) is a MixMax venturi system to ensure complete and continuous mixing of material in the tanks, especially important with the coarser mixes now being applied. The amount of agitation can be adjusted to avoid excessive foaming.

An optional Storagebox foam marker cabin kit is easy to fit and protects the kit from mud and debris. If a foam kit is not attached the box can be used for carrying chemicals.

There is a coupling to attach a 5m hose for filling tanks in remote situations e.g. streams or troughs. It has its own filter and is an optional extra.

The pumps come standard with three manual valves for controlling boom sections and/or hose reel complete with pressure lock. These can be changed to electrical valves quickly and/or added to with Hustlers new Slickfit system with a series of valves that can simply clipped onto the present valve bank.

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