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Dealing with large swathes

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Rotary swathers have been the choice of farmers and contractors for producing large swaths to increase forager and balers outputs, so the new Kuhn GA 13131 from CB Norwood Distributors should interest those wishing to improve daily clearing rates.

It has four rotors, each fitted with 11 heavy duty tine arms and four tynes per arm. Each unit is carried by four large diameter pivoting wheels that ensure accurate ground following, greater stability and the potential for high working speeds. 

Working height is adjusted hydraulically from the seat and on the move and should reduce the risk of soil contamination. 

The drive to the rotors is hydraulically controlled and offers the unique ability to increase front rotor speed by 20% for use in light crops, but more importantly removes the typical PTO shaft set-up that is prone to damage in semi-mounted configurations. 

Each rotor has the Masterdrive GIII gearbox that allows 3-D pivoting system and 200 hour service intervals

Windrow formation can be adjusted hydraulically from 1.5 to 2.4m width, and each rotor can be lifted individually for a good finish and greater clearance when operating in undulating terrain. 

Ease of use is further enhanced by an ISOBUS compatible VT50 control terminal, which can be used to pre-programme the rotor lift sequence for single touch headland turns. The rear ‘touchdown’ of each rotor ensures there is no soil contamination.

Transport width is 3m and transport height is under 4m. PTO power requirement is a thrifty 95hp.



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