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Forage harvester makers chase power

Written by  Mark Daniel
The newly launched FR920 is New Holland’s most powerful forage harvester. The newly launched FR920 is New Holland’s most powerful forage harvester.

For the 2018 season, the newly launched FR920 is the most powerful self-propelled forage harvester from New Holland.

Its all-new FPT Industrial Stage IV V20 engine delivers a maximum power of 911hp (670kW) at 1600 to 1800rpm, 4095Nm maximum torque and a 44% torque rise from 2100 to 1600rpm. 

The company says the engine reacts fast to changing load and is fuel-efficient in the 1600 to 1900rpm working range.

The in-line concept and direct driveline logic of the FR Forage Cruiser ensures power from the new V20 engine is efficiently transmitted to the driven parts and, ultimately, to the ground. 

Components are reinforced to manage the increased power, while the heavy-duty mechanical 4WD option increases the maximum torque transferred to the wheels by 60% compared to the standard 4WD system. 

Engagement of the 4WD system is controlled by the Terralock feature, which automatically activates and deactivates the four-wheel-drive axle depending on the steering angle setting, minimising damage to the field surface during headland turns and reducing operator fatigue in long harvesting days. 

Other features of the harvester include heavy-duty axles that are guidance ready, a reinforced steering axle support and the possibility to fit larger footprint steering tyres.

The overall feeding system has been improved with a 12.5% bigger intake channel and, in addition to the standard crop processor, the FR is now available with the new DuraCracker and DuraShredder systems. 

The new DuraCracker system has reinforced frames and drives to deliver uniform kernel cracking and outstanding processing performance to match the high outputs of the new model.  Meanwhile, the DuraShredder module adds a further element, using rolls with additional spiral cuts that shred the crop and more intensively process both kernel and stover, especially at longer chop lengths. 


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