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Kuhn extends precision drill range

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EXTENDING ITS range of precision drills, Kuhn has released its latest Maxima 2 TRX model, capable of working to 12m wide and working 16 or 18 rows with spacings 700-800mm. 

With a folded width of 3.5m, it is transportable by road and will just fit through a 3.6m gate.

Equipped with Maxima 2 seeding units, the drill caters for maize and sunflower cultivation. Being equipped with large diameter discs, it will select seeds one by one and place them in the furrow with high accuracy along the line, with an optimal seeding speed of 8km/h, Kuhn reports.

It can seed at least 100ha per day, the company says.

The pressure of the seeding units can reach 150kg, avoiding slippage and also enabling seeding into soil with plant residues, even at higher speeds. 

Fertiliser capacity is 4300L. A fluted metering unit makes for accurate application rates and the fertiliser is distributed in each row via a distribution head and placed close to the seeding line with a double disc drill.

Using Kuhn’s patented parallelogram attachment system, the outer seeding units will adapt to changes in contour, ensuring a constant seed depth in the soil. 

The seeding units are mechanically driven from the frames central wheels.

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