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NH aims for sustainability

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President NH Agriclture Carlo Lambro & WFO President Evelyn Ngukela. President NH Agriclture Carlo Lambro & WFO President Evelyn Ngukela.

Carlo Lambro, president of New Holland Agriculture, spoke in late June at the general assembly of The World Farmers Organisation, at Expo Milan 2015.

This addresses issues of sustainable farming, the role of mechanisation in feeding the planet’s population and the implications of a forecast rise to 9 billion people by 2050.

Lambro spoke of New Holland’s dual approach in seeking to maximise efficiency and productivity in mature markets, while exploiting opportunities to expand mechanised farming with new machines to meet local needs in developing countries.

For example, Africa has 60% of its people in agriculture, but this generates only 16% of GDP.

Lambro said the NH Clean Energy Leader strategy, adopted in 2006 includes the Energy Independent Farm Concept that removes reliance on fossil fuels, in favour of ‘grow your own’. In this model solar, wind and biomass generate energy to power farms and their machinery.

“I am proud to share the projects of New Holland, which are designed to give farmers the recognition they deserve,” Lambro said. “[We provide them] with the best available technologies to do their work in a safe and sustainable manner.” 


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