Wednesday, 16 May 2018 09:54

NH pimps its BigBaler series

Written by  Mark Daniel
The BigBaler Plus in action. The BigBaler Plus in action.

On the heels of the BigBaler 1270 and 1290 Plus release in 2016, New Holland Agriculture has launched a full line of BigBaler Plus balers.

These have greater productivity and efficiency, and in the BigBaler 890 higher density and durability. 

The new BigBaler Plus models are said to increase density by 10% -- meaning 10% fewer loads from the field, 10% less bale handling time and 10% less storage space required. 

Also, the machines are engineered to achieve consistent bale weight and density for haulage operators, costing them less for trucking, and cutting overall cost per bale. 

BigBaler Plus balers have the MaxiSweep pickup and increased plunger strokes per minute to create dense, well-shaped bales at up to 110 bales/hour; and the extended bale chamber allows for softer bale drop for less risk of twine failure in the heat of the day, ensuring farmers can operate the knotter at closer to twine knot strength. An 800mm longer bale chamber helps to produce bales up to 10% denser than previous non-Plus models and maintain increased bale density all day. 

Other changes are a more rugged frame and chassis to house the new extended bale chamber and larger service platform, and a new heavy-duty high-wear rotor option is available to handle abrasive crops and demanding biomass.

Technology also plays a part: BigBaler Plus models are equipped with IntelliCruise Isobus Class III technology, enabling 10% greater efficiency thanks to the tractor-baler automation system. 

This system controls the tractor’s ground speed to optimise and maintain a constant feed rate, with a choice of two modes: Charge Control adjusts the tractor’s speed for optimum capacity, measuring the throughput of the crop and the time needed to fill the pre-charge chamber; and Slice Control adjusts the tractor’s speed according to the desired slice thickness.


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