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Orchard tractors deliver more performance

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The updated TD4F series or orchard tractors retain the compact dimensions of their predecessors. The updated TD4F series or orchard tractors retain the compact dimensions of their predecessors.

New Holland Agriculture has updated the TD4F series orchard tractors to meet stage IIIB emissions regulations.

But they retain the compact dimensions of their predecessors – important in narrow orchards and vineyards where tight canopies limit available space.

Engine power has been increased to 75, 85 and 99hp for the ranges’ three models, from a new 4-cylinder, 3.4L F5C intercooled engine from FPT Industrial; this meets stage IIIB emission standards with an after-treatment diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). 

This regeneration-free solution is said to achieve a cleaner environment for grapes and fruit crops, lower maintenance costs, while service intervals remain at 600 hours, keeping operating costs down.

The new model has the same hood height as its predecessor, achieved by mounting the diesel oxidation catalyst unit vertically to minimise the space it takes up under the hood. 

The overall length and wheelbase of the new tractor is unchanged from the previous range. 

A new front ballast provides up to 270kg front weight capability, allowing the tractor to operate heavy rear implements. 

The operator station has a new rear dashboard, new switches and a new instrument cluster, said to improve ease of use and readability.

For the TD4F, a choice of three different transmissions allows users to optimise productivity and versatility. 

At the top of the range, a power shuttle transmission offers smooth and modulated shift between forward and reverse, while the 20x12 creep speed transmission is offered in mechanical syncro shuttle configuration, alongside the standard 12x12 version. 

The hydraulic system comprises separate power steering and hydraulic pumps or optionally a 64L/min high capacity MegaFlow pump. Mid-mount valves can be specified for high-demand applications. 

Lift-O-Matic rear linkage control enables the operator to raise and lower implements to a pre-set position using a single button. 

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