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(From top-left): hanskrieksafe, ahoggardfedfarms, jcollinsminister. (From bottom-left): johnkeypm, johnmcarthymie, tgrosserusambassador, tspieringsfonterra. (From top-left): hanskrieksafe, ahoggardfedfarms, jcollinsminister. (From bottom-left): johnkeypm, johnmcarthymie, tgrosserusambassador, tspieringsfonterra.

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hanskrieksafe: Assh a well-known animalsh lover – and not jusht in the biblical senshe – I find it rathsher dishturbing that in New Zhealand dairy farmshers actshually farmsh dairy cowshs. #veganforlife #meatismurder

ahoggardfedfarms: So @hanskrieksafe, you sat on that bobby calf footage for 15 months before releasing it to a sensationalist TV programme? Good thing you care more about animal welfare than publicity, eh! #fullofit #meattastesgood

hanskrieksafe: Listshen @ahoggardfedfarms, I do lovesh little birdsh, wormsh, sheepsh and calvesh, but it is justsh that I lovesh publishity more! #mediawhore

ahoggardfedfarms @hanskrieksafe: To misquote Nigel Powers – father of Austin – there are only two things I hate in this world : racial intolerance and Dutch animal extremists! You just hit the jackpot. #2for1 #nutjob

jcollinsminister: [email protected] for reinstating me back into the Cabinet. It makes it much easier for me to stab you in the front now; rather than in the back from the backbenches. #backinthetent

johnkeypm: No worries @jcollinminister, but I might borrow one of those stab-proof vests you introduced to the force last time you were police minister. #watchingmybackfrontandsides

johnmcarthymie: It's great to see that MIE will continue fighting the good fight in the meat industry – despite more resignations from its executive than Colin Craig's political party. Actually I wonder if Colin is available to join MIE? #whatisthepoint #whatdowedonow #whoisleft #whocares

tgrosserusambassador: I'm off to the US of A to try to negotiate with the likes of Donald Trump and the gun lobby – much more rational proponents than trying to get sense out of the anti-TPP fanatics like Jane Kelsey or climate change doomsayers in the Green Party! #bliss #solongsuckers

tspieringsfonterra: You know I havshe mucsh in commonsh withsh @hanskrieksafe – we are both Dutchsh and both of ussh are shlowy destroying the NZ dairy indushtry in our own waysh. #doubledutch #timeforanotherpayrise

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