Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:22

No sh%t, Sherlock

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A mate of yours truly says he was flabbergasted by the incoherent response of the body overseeing NAIT, following the recent review of the animal tracing system and the blistering criticism of it by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor.

In a bizarre media release – almost out of the Yes Prime Minister television series – the OSPRI chief executive Michelle Edge stated: “The review (of NAIT) determined that the existing framework could be improved to better reflect the core principles supporting effective traceability of livestock and to provide a higher level of readiness for biosecurity issues in the livestock sector through enhanced usability, uptake and adherence for those participating in the programme.” The Hound’s mate reckons that Ms Edge has a glorious future ahead, perhaps heading a useless wing of the United Nations.


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