Dairy farmers planning to upgrade or install new milk cooling plant must think long-term rather than install a ‘bare minimum’ system.

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Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:55

Snap chiller brings farmer peace of mind

A new Freezflow Icebanks system from Total Refrigeration, which snap chills milk to the required temperature, has brought a Dargaville dairy farmer some peace of mind, he says.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019 11:55

Eagle eyes scan milk cooling

Milk cooling is consistently a focus of regulators and customers, says Fonterra.

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Friday, 18 October 2019 13:00

Milk cooled faster has higher quality

Milk cooling affects milk quality. The faster the milk is cooled after milking, the better its quality when it is collected from the farm.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2019 14:16

Snap chillers hoping to be a drawcard

The only snap chilling system that can simultaneously perform a range of functions is set to be a drawcard at Fieldays.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 15:09

Keeping milk cooling records

Farmers must confirm periodically that their farm’s milk cooling system is performing to the standard set by the new rules.

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Taranaki farmer Grant Gopperth was at a crossroads: new milk cooling regulations required that he upgrade his milking shed.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 08:26

Keep bacteria out

Raw milk grows bacteria rapidly above 7˚C, so adequate milk cooling is essential for ensuring quality milk is supplied.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 08:23

Options that could work on your farm

You can efficiently cool milk before it enters the vat using reliable, cost-effective systems to chill milk quickly.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 08:14

Why energy efficiency matters

Energy management is a key way dairy farmers and sharemilkers can cut costs and improve profits.

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