Milk confusion

North Carolina legislators have made it clear: “If a drink doesn’t come from an animal with hooves, you can’t call it milk”.

Aussies cry foul

Fonterra farmer suppliers in New Zealand are pretty happy with the $7/kgMS opening price for the new season.

Govern by decree

The most worrying aspect of the coalition Government’s torpedoing of the oil and gas industry is the disregard for process.

Allergy beating

AgResearch scientists say they have discovered how to knock out a major milk allergen by editing a cow’s genome.

Dung, crash

Irish farmers are in a lather about a dairy farmer in County Limerick being fined $350 this month for the dung a judge ruled was left by his cows on a road, causing a motorcycle crash.

Sad end to Happy Cow

A North-Canterbury company lauded for its ethical and environmentally friendly dairying has gone into liquidation.

Cheesed off

Not everyone's enthusing about a free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union.

Oat deer!

Vegan oat milk is so popular in the US that coffee shops are running out of stock.

Top meaty facts

The Great British Beef Week, organised by UK Ladies in Beef, emphasises the nation’s locally produced food. Here are some meaty facts from the group:

Back to glass

People are switching from plastic to glass milk bottles in the UK.

Sowing oats wildly

Almond, soy, rice, hemp, macadamia, hazelnut, pea, flax, coconut, cashew, peanut, walnut: there’s been a recent explosion in the varieties of plant-based milks.

Thanks Winnie

NZ First's provincial base, and the rest of us, have good reason to feel betrayed by some of the policy positions Winston Peters has signed to since putting the Labour-Green government into power.

“We are disappointed there has been no direct consultation with the industry and it is also a surprise given the Labour Party’s 2017 energy manifesto talked of continuing offshore exploration,”

The Beingmate saga now rocking Fonterra is unsettling farmer shareholders.

A new study shows milk from grass-fed cows has more of a nutrient linked to heart health than conventional and organic milks.

A2 Milk company may not be as well known as Fonterra but it can now claim title to being New Zealand’s biggest listed company (by market capitalisation).

The balls-up that is the latest census is a fine example of how assumptions about all things online are excluding many in society.

After decades of effort, scientists have managed to derive embryonic stem (ES) cells from cows and keep them in their primitive state in a dish.

A recent study published by McGill University in Canada claimed that cow milk is superior in nutrition to plant-based milks such as coconut or rice milk.

French dairy giant Lactalis is under political pressure after a salmonella contamination forced a global recall of piles of its baby food products.


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Milk from the desert

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Milk confusion

North Carolina legislators have made it clear: “If a drink doesn’t come from an animal with hooves, you can’t call…


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