Wetlands help reduce contaminants reaching waterways.

A recent review commissioned by DairyNZ may surprise you at the effectiveness of wetlands in preventing contaminants from reaching waterways. 

Digital dermatitis is another cause for lameness in herds.

Digital dermatitis, which left unchecked can lead to lameness, appears to be slowly increasing in New Zealand, says Neil Chesterton, Vet Education Transfer Services.

Allister Moorhead, Agricom.

The plantain product Ecotain has been shown to reduce nitrate leaching from urine patches in dairy pastures by up to 90%, says Agricom product development specialist Allister Moorhead.

A plate heat exchanger is one way to cool milk.

Milk cooling affects milk quality: the faster the milk is cooled after milking, the better its quality when it is collected from the farm.

Bas Nelis.

Dairy farming is not all about making money, say South Waikato farmers Stefan Goldwater and Bronwen Klippel.

Farmers must audit their milk cooling systems.

New raw milk temperature standards, set by the Ministry of Primary Industries, will be mandatory for all dairy farms from June 1.

Lessons from days gone by

Pioneer forage specialist, Ian Williams, explains why backup feed as a risk control measure makes good economic sense.

Farm veterinarians are struggling with the emerging health effects of long-term fodder beet use on dairy farms, says DairyNZ senior scientist Dawn Dalley.

‘You've made my day mate; the kids are coming back to the farm’. That was the reaction of a big dairy farmer who visited Andrew Fisher’s Eco Stock site with his kids last year. 

Mastitis. We've all seen it and our cows continue to get it. It is undoubtedly the biggest animal health issue we face onfarm and costs the industry millions of dollars. But what exactly is mastitis?

We have all had to deal with milk quality issues onfarm at some stage in our farming careers – whether it be a freezing point grade or high bulk somatics on the first pick-up or perhaps an antibiotic scare during the season.


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The Beingmate saga now rocking Fonterra is unsettling farmer shareholders.

Better from grass

A new study shows milk from grass-fed cows has more of a nutrient linked to heart health than conventional and organic…


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